Career Profile

Innovator and investigator with a broad variety of experience in technology, digital strategy and analytics. Passionate for data-driven, customer-focused storytelling as a means to interactive relationships.


VP, Regional Technology Director

2013 - Present
GSW, East Coast USA

Leader in strategic digital vision for client brands and internal growth across our New York and Pennsylvania offices. Responsible for research into new technologies and emerging digital trends. Manage and direct development teams in multiple locations. Guide and mentor developers through client-centric work and internal training.

Technology Director, CSM

2012 - 2013
GSW, Pennsylvania

Manage team of developers on a variety of mobile and web projects across multiple brands and strategies. Key component in discovery of new technologies and their applicability to brands. Leader in pitch work, strategic planning, and high level technical discussions with partners and clients. Client and team technology educator.

Senior Developer

2011 - 2012
GSW, Pennsylvania

Interactive web, mobile, and tablet experiences for a variety of pharmaceutical brands. Developed iPad and Android tablet sales pieces. Led teams building rich informational applications for the web in HTML5 and Flash, and in a variety of mobile platforms. Coached and trained other developers to increase the team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Jesuit Novice

2010 - 2011
Society of Jesus (Jesuits), Maryland Province

Rigorous prayer & study life with an dual focus on contemplative prayer and applying that lifestyle through a variety of social apostolates including teaching in a Catholic grade school and pastoral care to terminally ill hospice patients. Studis included a survey of the history of religious life, the foundational documents of the Society of Jesus, and both theory and practice at the art of communal life.

Development Team Lead

2009 - 2010
Empathy Lab, Pennsylvania

Developed interactive games, microsites, user experiences, and animations for companies like Sprout, Lexmark, Sesame Street and many more. Developed a large scale streaming video application built off Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework, Akamai’s Open Video Player, utilizing PureMVC and a variety of custom made tracking tools for integrating Omniture, Comscore, Google Analytics, and others.

Senior Developer

2008 - 2009
Moxie Interactive, Georgia

Developed frameworks for rich landing pages, advertising campaigns, and product spotlights. Built rich media banners, websites, social networking applications and landing pages for clients such as Coke, Home Depot, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Fox, UPS and Maybelline. Lead and architected large-scale web marketing campaigns while managing the development team.

Designer / Developer

2006 - 2008
Pango Media, Alaska

Responsible for management, design and development of web sites, interactive CDs, mobile and desktop applications and print materials across clients in the oil industry, private commercial sector, and government.


Side projects reveal our passions and champion our weirdness.

Read Plugin for Chrome - Speed reading via rapid serial visual presentation - This plugin for Google Chrome allows you to quickly digest content from a website by presenting the text using the principles of rapid serial visual presentation. It uses the Readability service to grab only the important information. Highly configureable with data syncing. Instrumental in the quest to learn everything.
Boilerplate - No Dependencies - My custom written, vanilla-js implementation of a dependency-free development framework using microlibraries. It’s extremely small and extremely fast. It also speaks to my skeptisism about ‘framework-of-the-week’ and my passion for ‘build-it-yourself’ mentality.
Dotfiles - /whois tomasino - In a sense, a developer’s identity is closely connected to their dotfiles. I take great care in my configuration, designed to be quickly cloned and installed when needed. Regularly updated.
Tomasino Labs - Where good ideas run short on time - Most of my experiments don’t warrant a full repository or website. This blog is where I capture those mini-projects and thoughts on their potential.

Skills & Proficiency

Technical Leadership

Digital Strategy







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